Like yoga, energy healing (I like to call it Spirit Mending) is available to EVERYONE.

I love what I do—being a lightworker. And I wish love, light and healing to all those my life leads me to.

I’m excited to share these gifts with people at First Fridays Art Walk in the North Village Arts District and in individual private energy work sessions anywhere in Mid-Missouri and beyond.

Please join me and learn how to start listening to your body, start to balance, and enjoy life from where you are.


Chakra Reading & Alignment: $40 for 30 minutes
I will read each of the 7 main Chakras and discuss, then I will run my energy to boost clients to align chakras and read again to confirm alignment. Discussion if time allows.
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Energy Session: $75 for 60 minutes
Energy Session will consist of determining reason for session – pain, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I will align Chakras and determine procedure for specific energy work needed. I will run energy as needed and discuss.
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