I believe our purpose in life is joy.

To that end I love and feel fulfilled by teaching people how to heal themselves. I believe your yoga practice—like life—should be about joy, authenticity, truth, peace and fun.

My journey thus far has been practicing yoga, learning more about yoga, and following that path to energy healing.

I’m Victoria. I love being a yoga teacher and lightworker in Mid-Missouri: Jefferson City, Fulton and places beyond. I wish love, light and healing to all those my life leads me to.

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More about my yoga and energy philosophy:

Yoga is about self-acceptance.

And self-improvement is an extension of self acceptance.

Everything that has ever happened to me has made me who I am. This applies to all of us. We start right where we are!

Aspects of yoga practice I totally dig:

  • no ego
  • no competition
  • forgiving
  • non-judgmental

My philosophy is no judgement or criticisms. This is a “practice,” and your yoga mat is a safe, secure and peaceful place.


Energy healing balances our energies—duh.

Tula is Sanksrit for “Balance.”
We need to balance ALL aspects of our lives:
  • Work and Play
  • Exercise and Rest
  • Family and Friends
  • Mind and Body and Spirit
  • Our nourishment and indulgences
But first we need to recognize our imbalances – where are we in a state of dis-ease? We get into routines. We have been trained to grab an aspirin when a headache comes on, when what we really need is a better understanding of our bodies and how they communicate with us. No superfood, magic pills or quick fixes exist. Finding balance is a re-learning process, but it is fun and it feels great!
Energy healing balances our energies—duh. Yoga allows for balance in body, physical balance. Yoga allows for balance in mind and spirit as we discover our breath and quiet our minds while we practice.


My quest is to teach.

I have a huge soft spot for the people who just want permission to BE: be quiet, be still, be themselves, remember themselves. I was there. I appreciate being able to be my authentic self: a slightly irreverent and plain-spoken chic when need be.

My quest is to teach. To teach you to make time and space to reconnect with your inner self, to get out of your heads and back into appreciating (not berating) your body. We all need that kind of help. We all have stressful lives, and our yoga practice is vital to our overall health and well-being.
I intend to give you the tools to remember who you are and how to quiet your mind enough to listen to your body. Only then can you start to balance and enjoy life from where you are.