We now understand the value of our Kula, our tribe. We have witnessed the benefits of practicing yoga together, healing together in our brave space in classes in Jefferson City, our homes and beyond. There are souls out there who are getting ready to step onto the bridge we are on. I believe it is our joy to invite them in.

I am offering these yoga classes in April in Jefferson City, Missouri. I will take clients in Columbia, Missouri, for energy work sessions, though I have no scheduled yoga classes.

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra class includes an extensive guided meditation that systematically releases each layer of your being to induce the relaxation response, our body’s own healing state, where revitalization and regeneration occurs. Release & Relax!

Meditation and Restoration

This class is designed to reduce the bodies stress response with meditation and intention setting, followed by pranayama (breath work), then restorative asana and enhance healing through the mind – body connection.

KULA TULA Intuitive Yoga

Kula Tula is an inclusive community that brings everyday magic and growth into our practice to create peace. We foster light-heartedness and authentic connections between self and the universe at large. Love is our central thread!

Yoga for Athletes

In this yoga class designed for athletes you will learn useful tools to further your training and compliment your existing athletic goals. We will use yoga to improve range of motion, focus, endurance and strength, flexibility, and stamina. I can teach you how you can use yoga as a tool to reduce injury, improve recovery and improve your performance in your sport pursuits. A focused and cleared mind will result an overall transformation.


Vinyasa (YANG energy- creating heat through breath, movement and strength) then we move to our YIN side, nurturing, healing and cooling. We get the best of both worlds. It all feels necessary. A great way to end the day!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is designed to maintain or restore mobility in the joints and deep tissues of the lower body. Yin is not a muscular practice. Long hold stretches promote mental and physical relaxation. Props are used to individual needs. Meditation to close.

Saturday Morning Gentle Flow and Nourish

Nourish & Flow: Emphasizes yoga practice as a self care practice and consists of standing flow practice, cycle of deeply relaxing reclining restorative postures, guided meditation, deep breathing, and good music. Melt away stress & replenish your energy!


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