Happy Friday Yogi!

It is the end of the week and by now you have probably assessed and labeled this a good week or a bad week!

If you have heard me use the word “vibe” a lot it is because that is what matters most to my day to day! What my general vibe is tells me everything. Either way you look at it, if your current state is less than awesome, you have the opportunity at EVERY MOMENT to change it!

So, here are my TOP 10 FAVORITE ways to boost my mood and my vibration.

TOP 10 BEST WAYS TO BOOST YOUR VIBE – without breaking the bank, without harsh chemicals, and pretty much instantly!

1. Be Kind

PERFORM RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – anything from leaving dollar bills in library books to leaving “you are beautiful” notes in dressing rooms – to helping people with there groceries and buying the guy behind you coffee!

2. Smile

SMILE A LOT – ALL DAY – TIL YOUR FACE HURTS – Here is my “fake it till you make it” option – eventually you will notice how infectious smiling can be – once you make eye contact people can’t help themselves but to smile back! WIN-WIN

3. Love

DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO – love to garden, do more of that! Love to cook, do more of that! Love to jam and dance around the house, do more of that! Love to get together with friends and read each others oracle cards, do more of that! Love naps? do more of that! Napping is a great re-set of your vibe!

4. Intuition

GO WITH YOUR GUT – LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION – do you feel a nagging urge to go to yoga? Does your intuition tell you to stay in and take a epsom salt bath with yummy stuff in it instead of going out for a beer with Uncle Bob? Follow your Bliss!

5. Move

MOVE YOUR BODY – DANCE, YOGA, RUN, WALK, HULA HOOP, JUMP – Self explanatory! You know what feels good!

6. Listen

MAKE AND LISTEN TO A PLAYLIST OF UPLIFTING, THE “CAN’T SIT STILL” MUSIC – OMG! This is one of my favorites…NO ONE can not change their vibe faster than listening to “Cotton-eyed Joe” or “I Feel Good”, “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang, “Good to be Alive” Andy Grammar and “I Love Me” by Megan Trainor & Lunchmoney Lewis – feel free to ask for my playlist!

7. Breathe


8. Trust

TRUST & HAVE FAITH THAT THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK – The Universe ALWAYS has your back – have faith!

9. Connect

CONNECT WITH THE ACTUAL EARTH – HUG A TREE – SIT ON A ROCK – PUT YOUR BARE FEET ON OR IN THE DIRT, SAND, GRASS – Take your damn shoes off!!!!! Had a kid withdraw from my class cause he wouldn’t remove his shoes and socks—dude, seriously. Connect already, no one is looking at your feet!

10. Laugh

LAUGH HARD, LAUGH OUT LOUD, BIG BELLY LAUGHS! WATCH THE FUNNIEST PET VIDEOS, A FUNNY MOVIE OR CALL YOUR FUNNIEST FRIEND. Watch re-runs of LaVerne and Shirley or The Three Stooges! Better yet: Go see your friend—killing it with her stand up show!!!

Love & Light Yogis!! See you on the mat!



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