There is a lot going on out there. Movements, Changes, Soul Searching, Resolutions,
Intentions, Oh My!!!

I would like to encourage a practice that just might be the shift that will make this your best year yet!

When we set our Intentions and Resolutions we tend to look to our “problems” and “struggles,” the areas we want to change. That is how we are programmed to look at things. We look at the negative and say, “This is what I don’t want,” and eventually look for its opposite.

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Here’s the rub: we get stuck on the struggle. We talk about it, we get together with other people to justify why that is were we are, we Google it, and we post about it, etc. We therefore spend time and energy arguing for our limitations. We focus on the problem and not the solution.

How do you get out of this negative loop? Focus on the solution. Easier said than done.

So, here is the shift: take a day or two to count the number of times you use the words “struggle,” “problem” and “trouble.” Your jaw might actually drop open!

Then, exchange all of these words for the word “OPPORTUNITY.” Try it. Just try it right now. Change the words around and see how that feels. Lighter? Maybe it feels more hopeful?

Maybe more Possible?

I look at these “opportunities” as a launching pads for INSPIRED ACTION!

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This shift has allowed me to take charge of things I used to avoid even dealing with. This small shift has allowed me to feel empowered to–dare I say–CHANGE MY LIFE! Research on language patterns is starting to back this up.

This simple act of consciously UPGRADING my LANGUAGE, has allowed me to pull away from the darkness. This will change the whole vibe of 2018 moving forward.

5 Tangible Things You Can Do Right Now to Get Unstuck and Upgrade Your 2018 (2)

I invite you to try a few upgrades in your daily language. Here are a few more….

  • Observe how many times you use the words “I should”, “I need to” or “I have to” compared to how many times you say “I want to” and “I get to.” Replace those phrases with, “I look forward to!”
  • Pay attention to how you speak to and about yourself. I use to be the queen of self-deprecating humor, until I recognized how saying these awful and hurtful things started to feel more true than I was comfortable with.
  • Consider how often you gather with people and share your woes. Do you tend to look for justification in groups? Do you find evidence to support a limiting belief by posting it on Facebook looking for someone to agree? We do this in groups. If one person is discussing a problem, we are extremely quick to say “me too” and encourage a downward spiral of negativity. Cultivate tribes of positive vibes.

Pay attention to how you speak to and about yourself.

Please don’t misunderstand, I am NOT saying you are bad or wrong for any of these habitual behaviors. This is programming 101. To de-program our language we have to begin by recognizing the negativity so that we can make the exchange and upgrade.

Here’s one last tip:

  • When approaching a group or individual, instead of asking, “How are you?” which invites a sad story, ask, “What is going really well today?” or, “What is right in your world?” or, “What are you grateful for today?”

I understand if your first impression is that this seems silly. I assure you it is POWERFUL! WORDS are POWERFUL! I would MUCH rather have SILLY day than a sad, negative and depressing day.

I would MUCH rather have SILLY day than a sad, negative and depressing day.

You are all UPLIFTERS, you all have a BRIGHT LIGHT within you to share. Let’s keep our
lights super bright as to show the way to a healthier, happier, more joyful 2018.

I would love to hear your personal stories of how any of these tips, tricks, exchanges and
upgrades have changed your day to day – please share!

Love and Light, Namaste,

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